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Welcome…To Margie’s Lunch Delivery Service,
Here it is a lunch delivery service that delivers food that's not processed loaded with sauce and grease. Food that you'd make at home and bring to work if you had the time. The only time it will take to get this delicious fresh roasted meats, gourmet cheeses and artisan breads is the time it takes to pick up the phone or email me with your order.

I've spent the last 5 months creating menus, attending training programs which I've received certifications in starting my own business, marketing and of course serv saf (a food safety program). Telling myself the whole time that I can do this I can deliver a product to people that will satisfy there taste and not leave them too full, and uncomfortable to finish working.

I bring to the table over 25 years of experience in every aspect restaurant industry. And those of you who know this business will understand why I want to make Margie's Lunch Delivery Service LLC work. My knowledge and experience will show in the product and service. But my passion in all  is to see people satisfied and happy. I hope I can build some strong relationships with my customers so I can make going to work a little more enjoyable at least for the time you spend eating my delicious sandwiches and salads.

My goal is to bring the following to my customers:

Seasonal Menus, using fresh locally purchased products. Attention to detail, cooking fresh roasted chicken, turkey, beef and ham seasoned and sliced perfectly to create delectable sandwiches and salads correctly.Understanding and establishing my customers needs to ease dietary concerns such as celiac, vegetarian, or heart.

Margie's Lunch Delivery, will be working out of a commercial, health department licensed location.

So I look forward to servicing my new cutsomers and hopefully creating a great experience that will satisfy your culinary needs as well as my finacial lol.

Thank you Margie Hay-Dippel Owner